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🙁 O’Callaghan Properties (Riga Limited) have seen the decision date on their application for a huge development at the Jurys Hotel site on the Western Road in Cork pushed back until the 16th December 2004. Such a move was pretty much expected. The original decision date was due for the 10th of October (next week). The application is having a bumpy ride through planning – but it seems to have its champions at City Hall. With the number of objections lodged against the project, a grant may see the development brought before ABP. Its a shame really, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Yeah, pretty much expected though a bit surprised that the decision was extended by 10 weeks – 2 weeks longer than the actual planning decision period itself. Have CCC imposed similar extensions on other major projects recently?

Agree Kino cinema looks great. Roll on tomorrow, keep us informed Lexington!!

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