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But now a beautiful estate and gardens have been replaced by an office block in an area completely inappropriate for such a development. The road, as anyone who knows Blackrock Road will tell you, is so narrow, traffic regularly has to pull into the side to allow on-coming traffic pass. The estate lodge was demolished, and existing structures to the rear of the development (which date back to 1890) are overshadowed by the office block. This CG image can input non-existing trees all it wants for the sake of presentation – they don’t exist, many have been removed for the development – furthermore, somethings are just not right. I suppose you have to be familiar with the lodge, estates and suburb to understand the entirity.

🙂 On a far more positive note – for those interested in what the new Kino Cinema development for Washington Street is due to look like (planning pending – the decision is due on Thursday 14th of Oct 2004) – visit -> then go to the 3rd button under the title ‘Community’ and click on Load Images.

I have to say, the development looks superb. Considering the space the new development is due on, it has been well utilised – it falls in line with the same height as other buildings neighbouring it (instead of the existing ground floor only) and brings a dynamic swing to an area undergoing exciting development.

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