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Agree with you Paul that we need more nightlife – but as Lexington has stated there was one proposal for an basement ice rink. I know also of another proposal which would have seen something equally exciting and novel on the site. There are 2 new cinema complexes opening in the next few months (Mahon & Blackpool), so I was really surprised to hear about Ward Anderson’s decision. I know the Capitol (what’s with the ‘o’ spelling anyway?) is the ‘favourite child’ of the W.A. group, but I feel (hope) its days are numbered!!

On a totally unrelated topic – the proposed redevlopment of Jury’s Hotel – an interesting side-point. The current Opera House was originally designed to go on that site. The bare North Wall of same was to have been hidden behind trees along the river side. However the city fathers, in their wisdom, decreed that it should go on the site of the old Opera House … without any design alterations.

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