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🙂 City Manager Joe Gavin has reportedly given the hint that Rockfell Investments Cornmarket Street Retail and Residential Development will be green-lighted. He sights the importance of the project and a hope that the project will come under construction as soon as possible. My own indications confirm that Rockfell is being championed by many at Navigation House (the Planning Dept) – although there are a number of conditions associated with the grant. I never get too confident about these things – but it is looking very favourable. The renewed design submitted in a Significant Further Information report to the CCC from Frank Ennis & Assoc on behalf of Rockfell Investments has won me over far more than the original plan. Although it could have been so much more.

🙁 O’Callaghan Properties (Riga Limited) have seen the decision date on their application for a huge development at the Jurys Hotel site on the Western Road in Cork pushed back until the 16th December 2004. Such a move was pretty much expected. The original decision date was due for the 10th of October (next week). The application is having a bumpy ride through planning – but it seems to have its champions at City Hall. With the number of objections lodged against the project, a grant may see the development brought before ABP. Its a shame really, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

:confused: Werdna Ltd and Murray O’Laoire have expressed their disappointed at having to withdraw their Water Street application – and have made an ever so slight critique of the planning process. However, they said their decision to withdraw rather than face refusal shows that they are committed to establishing such a landmark docklands development. Murray O’Laoire said that they intend to keep a landmark, highrise tower as part of the development – and also said both they and the developers will fight to maintain the same height of tower as in the original proposal. However other development aspects need to be addressed – in particular traffic management issues. This being so, Werdna do not expect to submit a new application until the start of next year, 2005.

🙂 Frinailla Developments Ltd intend to re-submit a new application, albeit scale-down, for their Blackpool Residential and Commercial development on the Watercourse Road. The development will closely resemble their original plan but has a number of design alterations to reduce overall height – among the predominant reasons the application was originally refused by CCC and ABP.

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