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Well today should have been the day we received word on the planning decision for Water Street – but as previously reported (and reported exclusively) – developers Werdna Ltd withdrew their application a day before the decision with an intention of resubmitting a similar proposal with a few amendments.

I sincerely hope the 19-storey tower at the centre of the development isn’t sacrificed, it would provide an excellent eastern gateway into Cork city – as County Hall provides such a gateway to the west.

But for those of you left disappointed about Water Street, I have some hopefully positive news about a potential development I reported on not so long ago for the site of the Capitol Cineplex on Washington Street/Grand Parade…

…I am well informed that Ward Anderson are negotiating with developers the possibility of transforming the cineplex site into a first-rate shopping venue (see previous post). Initial reports indicated a 6-storey over basement retail centre with bars, nightclubs and basement ice-rink. Although some revisions have been made to these plans – the centre is to be aimed at the mid to upper retail market (e.g. a retailler like Sisley, H&M or Espirit and so on). The development will be designed to provide a landmark, world-class structure providing an impressive view when looked at down along Washington Street. Although nothing is yet set in stone – I thought it might be a source of cheering up after Water Street (at least until the new application is submitted). Other options being considered by Ward Anderson include simply selling the site altogether to a private developer and maintaining no involvement. 2 developers I am aware of have tried for the site (also with retail plans) but have been told they faced ‘Deal Agreed’. This status will remain until Ward Anderson confrim their intentions with the site. You won’t get this news anywhere else.

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