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Originally posted by Nick
what is the vision for cork? what is the master plan long term goal of the city? how d want it be i 50 years time and beyond?
Rapid growth and trying to meet a rediculus deadline for developement of the city of culture lark is short sited and ignorant and will only lead to poor shoddy architecture of style over substance that in 10years time will look equally as hidious as all the buildings mentioned above. Cork needs a long term vision, surely thats what we should be working on rather than a takey street by street approach that exists at the moment.

The current strategy(s) for Cork are outlined in both the CASP and Cork Docklands Development Plan, both of which are outlined on the city council and county council websites ( These strategies have been agreed by both councils and have also been accepted by the government as part of the National Spatial Strategy. They form a blueprint for the direction of the greater city for the next 20 years.

The strategy in brief is to drive the development of Cork on a metropolitan area which includes all of the satellite towns and ring towns which incorporate greater Cork, an area with a population in excess of 300K.

There is no drive to extend the city for the sake of it. Current development is not aimed at preparing the city for the city of culture, and the development plans mentioned above both have plans outlined for a 20 year period. The city of culture is seen as a catalyst for inviting influential guests to the city and as such the local government has spent money on improving the aesthetic of the city. The city of culture is not been seen by anyone as a means to an end.

The Docklands is in dire need of attention but at the same time provides huge development opportunities. Lapps Quay is currently seeing the majority of developments, and these are the first major developments in the docklands overhaul. The only other city areas which will experience rapid development are the Blackpool and Mahon areas.

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