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On the subject of a Cork ‘Point Depot’ I feel there may be a political game being played out in the media over recent months.

Building such a structure at Mahon Point will be of significantly reduced benefit to the city compared to a city centre facility. The site in question is on the small side (never initially intended to be a concert venue – merely a ‘trade’ centre) and would be VERY close to new housing developments with just the one road in to the entire site. If I had just purchased a home down there I think I might well be inclined to object to such a development. However it’s in Mr. O’Cs interest to try and push others into showing their cards. If another group make a move he can reaffirm that ‘only one will be viable’ and can seek to work a new deal with CCC on his site.

As for Horgans Quay my understanding is that the site is too narrow. Have you any idea what kind of a footprint a 5,000 – 6,000 seat venue requires? Unless you want to build something akin to a ‘corridor’ this location won’t do – and that’s before you consider the noise and vibration effects of a large diesel locomotive.

My, reasonably informed, understanding of the Showgrounds proposal is that two structures are proposed. One is the main 6,500 capacity theatre (note I said theatre, not arena since the design shows a theatre-style layout which can be adjusted to allow C.100,000 sq. ft. of floorspace for exhibitions), plus a 2,000-plus seat equestrian/events arena for the Munster Agricultural Sociey. Both of these structures, including ancillary developments would occupy approx. 50% of the site, and a contingency for the GAA to re-develop PuC still leaves a considerable opp. for secondary development. I also believe that traffic management would ensure all access and egress is routed from and to the city thereby assisting the local residents and maximising the benefit to the city.

Is it just me or does one site appear to stand out more than others?

Finally bear in mind that such facilities are costly to build and, as such, are often funded by local government or similar (Odyssey Belfast, MEN Arena Manchester – not included Point here as it’s a private venue which is currently falling down – I believe they’re closing it down for a year). With no sign of CCC offering any financial assistance it will come down to a combination of two things – keeping the build-cost down and maximising the revenue from one of the global operating entities. These factors are the primary reasons why there isn’t such a facility in place already, and may ultimately be the reason why one is not constructed here in the immediate future.

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