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I was sorry too. I’d be interested to read the report – I’ll get back to you on that with third party contact information as I’m heading away for 7 days from tomorrow.

The objections are lodged on behalf of organisation members under the An Taisce banner. For example (probably not the best, but an example nonetheless) is the John Mannix office, residential and retail development for Washington Street. -> An Taisce Corcaigh lodged 3 seperate objections ->

CCC Application # 04/28202

KEVIN HURLEY AN TAISCE CORCAIGH, 23/04/2004 23/04/2004
MS. LUCY DAWE LANE AN TAISCE CORCAIGH, 23/04/2004 26/04/2003

That is not fair practice. Shouldn’t the organisation lodge one inclusive and representative submission as oppose to many, if they must? (And I wish they didn’t full stop). But this is the nature of their behaviour in Cork and this is not the worst example of it. All of the above are individual submissions under An Taisce. That said, CCC should refuse to accept more than one submission from any one organisation.

I don’t want to continue ranting on about An Taisce. I use this forum to inform people of Cork developments and I should continue to focus on that. However, sometimes An Taisce Corcaigh just make my blood boil and I need to outlet it. No offence intended to your work at all or to you personally Diaspora.

A number of interesting developments are due to be announced shortly for Cork.


🙂 Rohcon Ltd erected a new tower crane over the site adjoining Hewitt Mills along the Blackpool By-pass yesterday. The site is owned and beind developed by Joe Carey and Frank Sheehan, who on a site right next door, are nearing completion on their development of 65 apartments in a semi-circular red-brick building of 7-storeys, designed by J.E. Keating & Assoc. This new development is one of further apartments, 44 (after CCC modification), in a line of between 4 and 5 storey blocks.

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