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An Tasice are a reactionary body. I use that term for any group of people who fetishise the past regardless of the merit of past ideologies, or – in this case – buildings ; and always oppose the modern. There can be much to oppose in modern day architecture, but An Taisce opposes everything – it seems – with no regard to the merits of the new buildings, or the demerits of the old.

As a reactionary body they tend to attract the most reactionary people in the State: Old Money. I suspect that is obvious from the membership of An Taisce in the Cork area ( who are I notice too busy objecting to everything to appear on this board to defend their actions in Cork – I suppose an Internet Bulletin board which attract people interested in architecture from Cork is too beneath them – even if they were, any of them, to own a computer). They are a totally unaccountable and unelected group, unaccountable even to popular discussion on this or any other forum where they could be challenged,, and given a soft ride by the local press which should name them. ( I talk now, in particular of the Cork branch).

As for the preservation of the old buildings like the Warehouses ( or Stack A in Dublin) – it reminds me of a line from ChinaTown.

Jack Nickolson accuses the corrupt politician John Hillerman of being “respectable”. Hillerman responds ( this is a paraphrase cos I’m lazy)

” Respectable. I suppose I am. Crooked politicians, whores, and old buildings all become respectable if they last long enough”

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