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Originally posted by lexington
Cork is on the verge of creating a new dynamic commercial and business region in the docklands. Water Street is a vital element of this. As is City Quarter, No.6 and No.6 Lapps Quay, Albert Quay House development (Howard Holdings) and Eglinton Street. I don’t understand why people like An Taisce and CIE are holding something so incredible back. As Howard Holdings have said, Cork with the proper investment has the ability to become Europe’s best value and most dynamic international business city – as distinct from the administrative and national financial base that Dublin is for Ireland. Cork could be a stand alone international financial centre – this is what Howard Holdings among other developers are really pushing forward with. It’s a shame people like An Taisce can’t share and support this vision which will benefit ALL people.

I quite like the Water St development, it has a lot of urban design quality for sure.

Did An Taisce in Cork object to it?

If so on what grounds?

Contrary to what many of you think, An Taisce in Dublin has little input to the planning process in Cork, it is virtually all handled by the Cork association.

The development of a vibrant urban quarter in Cork better than the first phases IFSC is in everyones interest nationally. I hope that you are able to learn from refinement that the DDDA has undergone in recent years.

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