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Originally posted by asdasd
There was that guy who had the beamish protest!

Let me say as a non-Corkonian who lived there for a time, that I am delighted to see the love Cork people on this site have for their city, and the proactive attitude to changing things for the better.

It was always a beautiful city, but there was some of an attitude of “Era, sure it’ll do” back in the day.

Move over boys; new generation in town.

They’re very decent words asdasd, and I know they are very well appreciated. Thank you.

Niall, the report more accurately mentioned Cork as being in the top 4 dirtiest urban areas. I title I dispute vehemently. I will be studying this report in detail. I agree Cork is no-where near an ideal, but it is also displaced of the this title the report has bestowed on it. Nonetheless, we must keep working hard at bringing our city to exemplary standards.


🙂 Tesco Ireland have lodged a planning application with CCC for the development of a Tesco Discount Petrol Station at its newly expanded Wilton Shopping Centre premises along the Sarsfield Road.

🙂 Preliminary construction work is already beginning at the former Statoil at Victoria Cross as Bowen Construction proceed with Phase 2 of the Victoria Mills student development. Developers Paul Montgomery and Edmund Kenneally’s project Phase 2 will cater for an additional 31 apartments and 3000sq ft ground floor commercial unit.

😡 Objections, seemingly as much of Cork’s way of life as calling someone a ‘langer’, have been lodged against Riga Ltd (O’Callaghan Properties) proposed 160m euro redevelopment of the Jury’s Hotel site on the Western Road/Lancaster Quay. The objections are based on fears that the project will obscure views of St. Finbars Cathedral from Sundays Well (15mins across the city from the proposed development on a hillside). Sigh. The objection is a little ridiculous as anyone familiar with the nature of the development and its lay-out will tell you, but so are some people.

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