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Why don’t we start a petition
a. to see the removal of the bus shelter from pana
b. to encourage the ccc to powerhouse the renovated city centre at least once a month
c. to remove the parking spaces from pana

anyone got the technical skill to launch an on-line petition?

Originally posted by Pana01
With all the recent press about the wonderful new look Patrick Street, I couldn’t believe the headlines on todays news saying that Cork was the dirtiest city in Ireland, and that Pana was ‘filthy’.

Bishop Lucey Park and Oliver Plunkett Street were also singled out for criticism. One good point was that the city council were told to get their act together – and not before time. They seem to have no pride in Cork at all.

The level of chewing gum spat upon our streets is a disgrace, some people have total disregard for the area. Sorry to rant on again, but another reason Pana looks filthy is overflowing litter bins (Hello City Council – do you think you can EVER address this situation, it’s going on as long as I can remember – do you ever have meetings and put plans in place to address issues???)

Also the 4 or 5 new taxi ranks clogging up the street, and allowing 20-30 car park spaces there is another joke. Oh, and while I’m at it, why are loading bays allowed to operate until 6pm on Saturdays, our busiest shopping days?? Crazy – and on Saturdays, 90% of the time they are occupied by abandoned vehicles anyway. Who really delivers on Saturday afternoons, clogging up the main street?

Finally, as I walked along Maylor St on Saturday afternoon, I was bullied out of the way by a ‘people carrier’. I said to the driver ‘this is pedestrian only until 5pm’. I can’t repeat his reply here, but why is there never any Gardai stopping these people?

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