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Well although I take some of your points and completely agree with them – the title of ‘Dirtiest City’ I do think is undeserved. I disagree with this not purely because of my Leeside pride but because in genuine fairness, this title is far from the truth. Cork has made prudent and effective efforts in tidying up its image. I don’t want to name other cities and towns for fear of being condemningly accusative, but I can think of many other urban centres around Ireland that a disgracefully rubbished.

It’s unfair to label streets like Patrick’s Street and Oliver Plunkett Street as being ‘dirty’ especially at a time of such dramatic redevelopment is like shooting fish in a barrell. Of course they’ll be unsightly during such construction work.

However, I agree wholeheartedly about the inadequate bins on Patricks Street which CCC are now having to replace at a cost of 90,000 euros. They are too small, too difficult and as a result, cannot handle the appropriate volume of waste. This inadequacy is staining what has become a superb thoroughfare.

Plans are in the motion to close of Patrick’s Street to public traffic, bar buses, emergency and goods vehicles – but this will not come into effect until all city centre resurfacing and development work has been complete.

In addition, the Gardai have taken a lazy and inadequate stance on controlling the inner city pedestrian priority zones. It is a disgrace and has made what should be a pleasant shopping and walking district into a hostile one. Instead of campaigning against the condition of Beamish & Crawford premises, I think energy would be better invested in campaigning the Gardai and CCC to address this far more serious but neglected issue.

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