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Rockfell Investments have successfully returned their Further Information request to CCC in the form of a Significant Further Information Response. The response is a massive return of information in which the co-operation between CCC, the developer and architect (Niall Coffey of Frank Ennis & Assoc) is unmissable. I have to say, though I may be disappointed in the Rockfell proposal with respect to their previous development attempt on the Guy & Co Cornmarket Street site, I am very impressed at how the developer has worked closely with CCC. It is evident both parties want to see this project up and running. Rockfell have made some major adjustments to their initial proposal in response to CCC requests.

-> The overall number of apartments is now to be reduced by 15 from 80 to 65.

-> Height at the Cornmarket Street elevation is to be dropped by 6m to calm overshadowing fears.

-> 66 dedicated underground parking facilities are now to be provided.

-> an additional retail unit is to be added (from 7 to 8) as part of an extended department store element, which will be divided over basement, ground and first floor levels whilst retention of the Guy & Co facade is maintained.

-> The ‘Noddy’s Building’ on Cornmarket Street and Dalton’s Avenue will now form a more independent structure with relation to the primary development.

-> Various alterations have been made to the building facade in the interest of aesthetic quality and enhancement of the overall design.

-> Plus many more.

This is a positive, a far more desirable development – it also shows that a constructive positive relationship between developer and planners can exist to maintain desirability, progression and sustainability at all levels to ensure a positive development outcome.

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