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Agreed. All parking on Pana should be banned, with the exception of buses and delivery vehicles.

Taxi drivers should be moved to Academy street

Originally posted by Pana01
Hmmm – looking forward to that BIG announcement, Lexington.

Regarding that vile Portakabin, I have a bad feeling that it will be there forever. Why can’t these guys just have a ‘base’ at the bus station and be done with it? They’ve had it cushy for far too long.

I read on the Echo last night that the Taxi drivers were having a big meeting to discuss their problems, including the explosion in the numbers of Taxis in Cork – and – this is the best bit – their dissatisfaction at the way people were parking in the ‘new taxi ranks’ in Patrick Street, taking up their valuable rank space.

They are cluttering up Pana – please oust them to another location.

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