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I do accept your point – I can remember a time when traversing Bachelor’s Walk was almost humiliating. It’s nice to see it move up and the boardwalk helps it no end. Street-scapes should open up as a positive public space and embrace pedestrian life and all its facets with a pleasant and comfortable environment.

I completely agree also that Cork needs to utilise its quays a great deal more. There is so much more potential for it. However, I do think that’s the idea with more and more projects like 21 Lavitts Quay, Albert Quay Office Development and new Irish Examiner HQ. The good news is, there are many more plans for the Cork quays in the near future which I’ll post info on as soon as I’m permitted to. MQ is a very negatively shaped and designed construct indeed. It is currently undergoing a 7m euro refurbishment, but few of this contributes toward improving the Northern, Western and Eastern elevations. This is quite a shame because a little imagination could work wonders for the building. Positively however, the Bus Station is being redeveloped, with Ridge Developments currently on-site. Patrick’s Quay (opposite MQ), with the exception of the Metropole Multi-Storey, has seen little development of late, which is a great shame. But I am informed of a plan involving a major institution on MacCurtain Street which is at preplanning. The project will stem back onto Patrick’s Quay with a strong emphasis on the river and natural light – it will incorporate a new late-night lounge bar & restaurant overlooking the Lee from an elevatd position, extended seating, private venue room, quay-side retail units, offices and possibly a nightclub (but I assume this will be incorporated into the Lounge Bar). The project is being privately funded and will provide a new face for Patrick’s Quay. I’ve made no formal update for this as there are no formal plans or announcements – predominantly speculation in development circles. More on that as I get it.

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