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Thanks Lexington. You’ve convinced me that the late development in Cork makes sense, due to pent up demand.

I understand Cork fairly well, having lived there – in the City centre – for 4 years. My visit to UCC was on business so I had no time to sight see.

I still think that Dublin, during it first stage of it’s redevelopment boom, had made more progress, but it had more progress to make – much of it was derelict, before, while the City Centre in Cork was not. Remember Bachelor’s walk, and surrounding areas, and Temple bar before the redo. Gardiner street, the Docklands. I could go on.

The centre of Cork never had these problems, with most of the social problems in the ‘burbs – Knocknaheeney, for instance – and even there, never as bad as Dublin at it’s worst.

So I suppose it could not be changed as much. I would like to see more buildings on the quays, and that bus station redone. And I really dislke Merchants Quay and the way it ignores the river.

Some development of the opposite side of the quays there would be nice, too.

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