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T.G. Scott

Did the old railway from passage terminate at Kent or beforehand on the southern quays!?! a couple of years ago i was home and noticed on the ring road to the lee tunnel an old single track rail bridge. i took a look at a map and saw there is still most of the track bed intact. with all this development, you would think someone would realise the potential for trams like luas or light rail (arrow) between the city centre and suburbs.
as for the development being too much too late, i would disagree. its good to see cork changing and i guess the boom is a memory so now it seems its just business and building!!! one thing to consider i guess is traffic and transportation needs to be addressed before cork wakes up to the nightmare that is dublin city traffic!!!
cheers lexington for all the news – other side of the world and i couldnt ask for a better source … slan

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