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Does anyone know what they have done to the river to make it smell better? I heard rumours months ago that they had done a cleanup on the lake by Park Ui Chaoimh and were doing the same to the river but never heard the details – something about friendly bacteria I think.

in case u you have nt noticed over the last couple of years the whole city has been up in a heap with roads being dug up and services been relaid esb, gas and also sewage drains, these drains would have orginially drained straight into the river, venice styleee, and thus the river lee like so many othere cities looked dirty and smelled quite bad

see below and follow this link

Cork City’s waterways are one of its defining features. The River Lee separates into two channels to form the Central Island of the City. Since the foundation of the City, Cork’s sewage has discharged untreated into these channels. Each day 13 million gallons of raw sewage and polluted water flow into the River Lee and Lough Mahon, completely untreated. This is unacceptable for a modern City in the new millennium. Approximately £20 million has been spent on the City’s drainage system over a twenty year period prior to 1997, constructing sewers to intercept the numerous outfalls discharging to the river. This investment moved the point of discharge of the sewage downstream of the City centre. The City’s sewage now discharges through two main outfall points at Horgan’s Quay and Kennedy Quay.

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