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Howard Holdings have proposed to develop a 15m – 20m euro IT/Office building, 5-stories over basement on Albert Quay. They’ve no project planned for Alfred Street (by the Railway Station) that I am aware of. The Albert Quay office building is being constructed on a site, directly across the river from their City Quarter development, and will incorporate Albert House (the Parking Fines building).

UCC have hired Cumnor Construction to refurbish their buildings at the Lee Maltings (a process in mid-swing). Work on their new 20m euro School of Pharmacy on College Road has begun, with initial clearing taking place currently. Pierse Construction begin primary work at the end of August, early September.

On the Lee Road, UCC have hired Sisk Construction to build the new Environmental Research Institute. Designed by Bucholz McAvoy Architects. The 3-storey, “environmentally friendly” building is at an advance stage, as anyone passing the extensive construction site and tower crane will tell you. The site was donated by CCC.

Work on a 62m euro UCC IT and Computer Centre at the former Greyhound Track on the Western Road is scheduled to begin at a preparitive stage come late 2005, depending on planning.

The houses across the way from the Greyhound Track on the Western Road are mostly in private ownership, there is no real story with them. However the 6 terraced houses at Carmelite Place, which are currently boardered up, were scheduled to be demolished as part of a 4-storey over basement car-park development for 20 student apartments, however planning for this project was refused on grounds of scale and inappropriate use.

No.6 Lapps Quay, along with No.5, City Quarter, the dismal but nonetheless refurbishment Bus Station, the Albert Quay office development, O’Flynn Construction’s major retail/residential development at Eglinton Street, 32m euro City Hall Extension, 60m Cork School of Music, Corbett Bros. Office Development at Copley Street, Howard Holdings’ Copley Hall, the South Infirmary’s new Breast Check Clinic at South Terrace and a number of other major development and rejuvenation projects are really gonna make this area of the city exceptionally attractive now and in the near future. Especially considering, all the above projects lay at the mouth of the new docklands development.

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