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Lexingon, do you have any further info on Howard Holdings latest proposed development on Alfred Street… this should be a good indication as to what to expect in terms of the regeneration in the area?

I was in the city at the weekend and I must say I am very impressed by the new art gallery in UCC, but very disappointed that this took priority over the greyhound track development. This site is now derelict for over six years. If I recall correctly this site sold for a huge sum. It’s typical of UCC. Their buildings on the Western Road and the Maltings are in very bad shape and at least in need of a lick of paint.

What’s the story with the row of houses across the street from the greyhound track?

Does anyone know what is being built on the Lee Road opposite the Lee Towers?

Number 6 Lapps Quay looks great, and it seems as if it will also revive Clontarf street which is quickly becoming one of the most impressive streets in the city.

On the subject of Taxi drivers in Cork, my impression is that in general (exceptions to every rule of course) they are a disgrace in the city. Their cabs are filthy and they can never seem to queue in any kind of order. They also believe that they can launch into conversations without invitation. CCC should have conditions attached to licensing.

On another topic, Parking should be banned from Pana 24/7 asap.

And I agree, taxis and buses are acting unfairly and aggressively toward pedestrians, who have priority, on both Patrick’s Street and Maylor Street. It is a shame on the authorities for not pursuing the offenders for dangerous driving more vigourously. [/B][/QUOTE]

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