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Although I haven’t seen the proposed new development for the the Guy and Co. Site, I am aware of the incresed retail aspect in comparison with the previous proposal. I agree with the decison of CCC to reject the aplication for a hotel on the site. This site is instrumental in the revitalisation of the street and I think Higher order retail uses would bring a greater footfall than a hotel in the area.
In the local press in the recent past, Habitat were said to be looking at a number of sites in the city, one in particular the old church site which is connected to the guy and co. site.
Speaking of Heitons I don’t know why they haven’t located on North Main st. Like buy that awful Leaders shop. Its a disgrace that they can have two rundown shop fronts on such an important street. I really can’t inderstand it.
If you think of the retailers which are currently expanding in Ireland you might be able to guess some of the names which could pop up on the Coalquay.
House of Fraiser are opening in Dundrum, a similar sized store. Also when Arrnots was brought private there was talk about another store outside the capital, belfast or cork were mentioned.
THen there is John Lewis which is opening soon in N. Ireland.
Other retailer which I’m just guessing could be interested could be Tk Maxx (already located in Limerick) H+M, Zara and the other inditex chains.
Also tHe carphone warehouse is going to stop trading out of its unit next to roches stores on Patrick street. Big name fashion retailers are rumoured to be looking at the site.

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