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Yes – the report in the Evening Echo, reported by Christina O’Rourke, has a question mark hanging over her ‘property source’. Particular informations supplied in her article are found exclusive to this forum, even the information orders mirror my post. As a consequence, I will investigate the background of the article and be in contact with the aforementioned reporter – and perhaps, based on my reply outcome, the Evening Echo editorial time, plus particular TCM managerial staff. I would hope, that such incidents – if proven to be taken from this forum – will not occur again without prior consent of resepective contributers. I have researched the legal aspects of these acts and they are all supportive of prior consentual initiatives from the primary source before secondary publication regardless of specific word arrangement.

I encourage and willfully supply such information – but within context and based on consent. Media publication of such information at a mass level – jeporadise my ability to provide further, future information – as I am the one who hears all about it at the other end of an angry phone call. If Ms. O’Rourke is found to have adapted such primary source material from this forum and my post for her own benefit, it would paint a poor and unhealthy veil over the reliability and moral conduct of the associated media agency – and may see further announcements of major property developments purposely leaked to other media organisations before that of Ms. O’Rourke’s or other sources within the public domain. I certainly hope that this will not be the case.

The unfortunate thing is, I would gladly inform Ms. O’Rourke of breaking deals and reliable exclusives within the world of Cork’s property market – in conjunction with this forum, if only consent was sought beforehand. What goes on the website and what goes in the press may seem like trivial matters to some – but unfortunately, this is not the view of those involved. As a result, what goes to press must be cautioned and cherry-picked in accordance with associative consequences.

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