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Originally posted by lawyer
I think the proposals for the new bus station are terrible.
How did the Cork City Council approve them?

Well the orginal plan saw the extension and partial demolition of existing bus station with a 360-degree ‘control tower’ erected on the roof and so on – this inadequate but substantially better plan was given approval originally, but Bus Eireann came back a few months later and amended their plans, cutting back on almost all major development elements bar the canopy erection. Pathetic!

Meanwhile, Oliver Plunkett Street (OPS) is looking pretty good – though there’s clearly a long way to go yet, some of the first section of its new design has been unveiled and what an improvement it is!


Though its 2 years away yet, O’Callaghan Properties have put the bid out on designs for the Academy Street (Irish Examiner HQ) retail development – which will cost an est’d 150m euro to build. Deals have recently been completed with almost all the surrounding properties bar the AA Ireland Building. The design will by way of planning need to consider the AA Ireland Building and Le Cheateau public house on Patrick’s Street in its design as these are protected structures – and trust me – will be virtually impossible to get passed with relation to any development – and rightly so. They are important elements of Cork’s history and architecture.

It is believed, the 6 storey over basement development of mixed retail and residential, will hark back to a post-modern design with consideration for its surroundings such as the Crawford Gallery, Patrick Street redevelopment, AA Ireland Building and Le Cheateau. I am informed that the developer is keen to provide a landmark development incorporating modern and old styles – an example of the Jervis Street Shopping Centre entrance on Henry Street in Dublin was given (a large peaked arch way and copper dome incorporating red-brick to blend with surrounding buildings of foregone eras.)

O’Callaghan Properties, with the exception of 21 Lavitts Quay don’t have a good track record for design, so this project will be a HUGE test for them. Both planning authorities and the public are going to demand a superior standard of design for such a prestigious location and development. Here’s hoping!

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