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I agree that transatlantic flights are and will become ever more important to Cork – and by result, the whole Southern Region, a region of over 1.1m people.

-> No news on the German bank for the docklands. There are many multimillion euro deals currently being organised within City Hall at the moment with relation to the docklands in Cork, one report (by Tommy Barker of Irish Examiner, Thurs 8th July 2004) is rumoured to be in excess of 200m euro. The German bank residency could depend on the outcome of any one of these deals.

-> According to the PRO for O’Flynn Construction’s Ballincollig Town Centre project, a major food retail chain has been agreed to anchor the SC. Although Tesco is a name that has been put strongly up in the air, Tesco Ireland claim their main focus has been on Mahon Point and Wilton. This does not rule them out, but Marks & Spencer, who long ago where the front-runners to anchor the food store at Mahon Point and later pulled out, have been seeking a second property in Cork city (their current Cork store is the 4th most profitable in the entire network) and local real estate agents have hinted strongly that BTC is the best available location.

However the decision has already been made and only time will reveal. Processes of elimination narrow the list of potentials, it won’t be SuperValu, they already have 2 stores in town and it would adversely affect these existing businesses. Dunnes are focusing on a new store in Carrigaline and Bishopstown Court nearby is ongoing expansion. It is too close to BTC to be viable. Tesco may, but their huge new 24hr Wilton SC store is still undergoing development and a new store at Mahon Point makes location to BTC unlikely – but still a possibility. That leaves Marks & Spencer, who have been seeking a new Cork property actively and would stand to benefit greatly from a new store here. Aldi and Lidl are pursuing their own seperate new stores in Ballincollig.

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