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Originally posted by Leesider
firstly I was wondering is there any news on the proposed Cork to NY route that was mentioned somewhere at the start of this thread?

Also lexington I thought that IT centre for UCC had got planning ages ago, thought they should have started construction well before now!!

BTW good thread and the updates are excellent Lexington, keep us informed!!

Thanks man! I appreciate that seriously! 🙂

The Cork – New York JFK route is to be run by Aer Lingus 3x a week at first – pending on the outcome of US-Ireland Bilateral Aviation Agreements. (Basically, it comes down to abolishing the Shannon Stop-over – at the moment, for every transatlantic flight from an Irish city besides Shannon, has to be met with the same number of flights to that transatlantic destination from Shannon – it’s a complete joke!)

The negotiations are on-going. Willie Walsh, CEO of Aer Lingus said that in the long-run, it would make more economic sense to have more transatlantic passenger flights from Cork rather than Shannon – which he believes should become one of the Cargo Hubs of Europe. It does make sense – more jobs in the long-run. But he stresses the need for an extended runway and new taxiways. The new terminal development (see previous Cork Airport post) is already catering to new parking areas and air-bridges to facilitate such aircraft. This year, Cork will carry almost a third more passengers than Shannon. (projected 2.8 < million passengers)

And no formal application for Planning has been submitted by UCC with relation to the IT Centre construction – but has been outlined as part of the UCC Development Plan. A sort of outline permission has been granted subject to conditions – by ‘outline’ I mean, support by CCC, but no formal planning.


The Dept. of Education have said that they intend to stand by Jarvis in the development of the CSM – but though some preliminary construction work has begun, no construction other than this will begin until at least June 2005 (a further push back along the time-line). This, it is claimed, is due to the fact that signatures are needed by all Jarvis’ financial backers to give them the go-ahead in lieu of the construction firm’s 230m euro debt.

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