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Thanks as always for the insights Lexington.

Also exciting -> O’Flynn Construction’s Retail/Residential development on Eglinton Street.

— Don’t you think that this would also be a great site for an event centre.

there are rumours that one of Cork’s major pharma giants w/ a plant at Cork Harbour, is looking into the possibility of constructing it’s European and Middle-Eastern HQ at a brand new, purpose built 90,000 sq ft office building in the Kennedy Quay region.

— Haven’t Novartis had planning applications rejected – Johnson & Johnson have three separate sites in Ireland (Depuy, Alza & Janssen) and are looking at consolidation of their current activities, so I’m guessing it’s one of these.

while we’re on the topic, the 1 new project that sparks zero excitement with me is the Cork City Hall Extension. The words ‘utterly’ and ‘dire’ spring to mind. Architects = ABK.

— Do you have any images of this?

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