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Yeah – I often wonder if the City Planners are fully aware that their stringent planning in the past has led to cities such as Cork and Dublin, to become increasingly decentred. Commercially, I know Dublin has tried to fight back – Jervis Street SC and the refurbished Roches Stores have certainly brought life back to Henry Street at all levels, incl. street traders. Grafton Street has always had the same role of play as Patrick Street in Cork, and always remained a strong player.

Intrestingly, it is clearly visible to see the increase in street activity of Patrick Street since its renewal. The whole city seems to have been given a fresh breath of life. Hopefully the oncoming Oliver Plunkett Street, Grand Parade and Cornmarket Street renewals will do the same. The two latter have HUGE commercial potential. With the advent of the colossal Mahon Point SC opening and the innovative Ballincollig Town Centre, the city is gonna have to pull its socks up again – I do think O’Callaghan Properties retail proposal on Academy Street was the planners big-gun for retention of the commercial core for Cork in light of these new threats – as well as Rockfell’s plan (though weak) for Cornmarket Street, Frinailla’s for Grand Parade. I only hope to God, O’Callaghan Properties don’t give us another Merchants Quay or Mahon Point on Academy Street – I’m seriously hoping 21 Lavitts Quay was an indication that the firm is becoming more design conscious.

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