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Yeah, the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in UCC is pretty cool – the problem with it is that it is completely pointless and a huge waste of resources that could have be channelled into relevant projects like the planned IT Centre along the Western Road. Converting the Glucksman Gallery into more (and needed) lecture theatres would be a far better alternative.


A Planning Application, as seen in today’s (29th June 2004) Evening Echo, by Kilquane Ltd (the company owned by Howard Holdings to develop the City Quarter project on Lapps Quay) has been lodged with Cork City Council to see the addition of a 6th floor on the offices currently under construction.

The application for additional office space will see the office element of the City Quarter project equal the height of the adjoining Clarion Hotel and reflects a response to the demand for office space in the development. Scott Tallon Walker have said they will issue revised drawings of the project imminently – and as soon as they do, I’ll post them up so you can all see the new, bigger and taller office building.

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