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An Taisce do not compile the list of protected structures this is the function of the Councils, however An Taisce has been known to draw the proposed elimination of protected structures to the attention of who ACTUALLY make the decisions on planning.

those who actually make the decision on planning in relation to protected structures are well aware as to their protected status…they do however have the oppurtunity to allow development or replacement of these structures where appropriate

Office vacancy rates are 15% and there are massive developments in retail going up on Lee side, that argument is a crock

15% vacancy(even though it’s not accurate) can never be a deciding factor in refusing permission for office development. modern attractive offices will attract 100% occupany and drag up the percentages in a general area. filling up a few more thousand square metres of rented floor space is much more achievable than ramming businesses into the vacant 15%, which is invariably the dregs of the available space.

How many six storey modern spec buildings currently exist at this location?

few…and it’s a poor reflection on the development plan and planning policies in the area that this is so. i assure you it’s not for the want of trying on the part of the developers/architects concerned

Going by Liffey Valley Cork developers have about as much vision as Ben Dunne that is why developments have been red carded, if architectural standards rose to say Shay Cleary’s level you might get more quality buildings,

“Cork developers” is such an idiotic generalisation that this comment deserves less than my derision.

once again you’ve shown yourself to be a high-lighter of patently obvious and previously-discussed problems diaspora…one day i’m sure you’ll come through with the solution…but probably not in my lifetime

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