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Originally posted by lexington
In addition, An Taisce has the primary purpose with relatin to planning, to raise awareness of the potential loss of what THEY deem architecturally significant buildings of a historic nature.

An Taisce do not compile the list of protected structures this is the function of the Councils, however An Taisce has been known to draw the proposed elimination of protected structures to the attention of who ACTUALLY make the decisions on planning.

Originally posted by lexington
Here’s my problem: John Mannix, whose Mannix and Culhane shop on 40-42 Washington Street, has proposed the development of a much needed over basement, office, parking, retail and apartment development measuring 6-storeys
(similar to th height of the rest of Washington Street).

Office vacancy rates are 15% and there are massive developments in retail going up on Lee side, that argument is a crock

Originally posted by lexington
over basement, office, parking, retail and apartment development measuring 6-storeys
(similar to th height of the rest of Washington Street).

How many six storey modern spec buildings currently exist at this location?

Originally posted by lexington
Anyone who knows the shop knows that it is only a ground floor premises (completely out of sync with the rest of the street), this is because a few years back, the poorly maintained structure of the original 5 storey Mannix and Culhane building collapsed after intense bad weather killing a young Cork girl and paralysing her boyfriend.

The Fenian St argument resurfaces yet again, the owners of that building should be facing corporate homicide charges, it simply isn’t acceptable to allow buildings deteriorate into a condition where they fall into the street.

Originally posted by lexington
In an attempt to replace it with decent building, John Mannix has issued this new development proposal. However An Taisce have objected, why? Because, the development would adversely affect the present structure (which does NOT exist, it collapsed and is now a horrid ground floor make-shift structure), because it is unsuited to the district

The owners had the option to reconstitute the existing building line within two years of the ‘Collapse’ without requiring planning permission.

Originally posted by lexington
(the building by Conveney & Assoc. has been designed in keeping with the red-brick style buildings of Washington Street) and because in is of inappropriate height overshadowing other significant buildings in the area (the building is of a similar height to its previous form and of surrounding structures).

The design obviously didn’t come off as anticipated, inappropriate height and over shadowing are valid arguments if they exist, make no mistake if the claims are bull An Bord Pleannala will dismiss them.

Originally posted by lexington
Tell me, is this fair? Free speech yes, but hindering progress. Cork has been riddled with more development stallments due to An Taisce, than almost any other Irish city. (that is a quote from Cork Business April 2004)

Going by Liffey Valley Cork developers have about as much vision as Ben Dunne that is why developments have been red carded, if architectural standards rose to say Shay Cleary’s level you might get more quality buildings,

Who are Cork Business?

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