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Well the problem is, the Bodega predominantly operates at night – as it is a late night bar – so where is their problem with light? Their restaurant hadn’t come into operation at the time of objection. And also, the residents of the Corp Housing predominantly objected on the grounds that they would be adversely affected during construction at that the development would heed further large scale developments. The problem here is that, the residents were given binding assurances from Rockfell Investments and City Council that any disruption (ie. temp loss of water) would be rectified by alternative supply immediately and construction would be restricted to suitable hours in consultation with residents. On top of generous compensation agreements. Now that permanent residency of the area is significantly reduced it seems that the residents lost out in the long run. Cornmarket lost because instead of a much needed city centre hotel with able conference facilities AND adjoing retail mall, they are now faced with more overpriced apartments (80 in toll) that most normal people just can’t afford. The addition of 7 only retail units was thrown in by Rockfell to appear more agreeable to the City Council’s development strategy for the area which had earmarked the site for Higher-Order retail development. Instead, they are now getting a half-assed novelty attachment to facilitate the real monster, apartments. The building itself is an almost identical replica of the original hotel design. So all in all, I strongly disagree with you that the new development (based on residential purposes) is better. Its worse. There is now no hotel, no conference facilities, no parking and no retail centre. I am aware most traders (Con Dennehy notably) supported the original project but are now more weary of this new development.

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