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I don’t think so. A lot of the residents were OAPs – and they’d been there since the red-brick houses were built in the late 1950s/early 60s. As far as I know and don’t quote me on this, but a lot of the residents left either to move in with family or simply passed on. I understand the sentimental element to their objections but the developers had made generous incentives to the residents ( one of the residents themselves told me this, but refused to tell me what exactly it was) in order to compensate for construction disruption – but even those objections may have passed if it wasn’t for good ole An Taisce jumping on the bandwagon. I swear, I understand the relevance of An Taisce, but it seems they have nothing better to do with their excessive time than hold back the progress of our cities. Shouldn’t city planners worry about the appropriate development of our cities and not An Taisce? Let them raise appropriate arguments with relation to Protected Structures and leave it with City Planners to decide thereafter, not go running to An Bord Pleanale everytime a new development is proposed.

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