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€60m to fund new Cork School of Music premises
Thursday, 25th March, 2004

A new building for the Cork School Of Music has been approved for constructio, bringing an end to a long-running saga which has seen students scattered to 17 locations across the city.

The Minister for Education and Science, Mr Dempsey, today announced that just under €60 million will be provided for the building which will be constructed and operated as a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The Minister had been accused using EU budgetary regulations as an excuse for not providing funding for the project after the school was forced to leave its premises three years ago.

But pressure began to build on the Minister after the regulations were relaxed last month and campaigners threatened to run candidates in the upcoming local elections.

Making the announcement today, Mr Dempsey said he recognised the hardship caused to the 3,500 students and more than 65 staff students and tutors who had been forced to use a variety of premises including a disused hotel.

“I am aware of the deep frustration and difficulties that the delay in progressing the project has caused the director, staff and students in the daily operation of the CSM since their move to the temporary accommodation.

“The government was always committed to this important project but were faced with real difficulties, both national and European, in clearing the project and these have now been fully resolved,” Mr Dempsey said.

However, the school is not due for completion until late 2006 and will not be operational in time for Cork celebrating its status as European city of culture next year.

The project will be the first purpose-built school of music in the State and will be constructed and operated by Jarvis Projects on a 25-year lease on the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) campus.

CIT director Mr Pat Kelleher said the announcement was “a wonderful moment in history”.

A grand building site for the European City of Culture’s year in the spotlight.

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