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What boy? Sure Cork is HUUUUUGE!

Most of the badness about the Bus/Rail station can be directed towards CIE for it is they who have delayed for years the plans that were already decided upon. Yes – there were plans to move the bus station – but the slowness of CIE meant the boat had sailed, while the train station has been in development limbo (or hell!) for the past five years.

Cork City Council are the ultimate at management speak – they use all the right buzz words “strategy” “study” “6/20 yr plan” and prepare these reports/plans with vigour – they have won believe it or not, international awards for their planning! But the true measure of management is delivery and the focus on delivery of results – which they probably fall down on (badly in the past – things seem to have changed).
That said things like the Bus Station and Train Station were planned for in reports by CCC but when a loss-making sloth-like semi-state controls these, is the much a local authority can do other than formulate a strategy???

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