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The revamped Kent station is going to be very much the focal point for the initial development of the docklands. There are negotiations at present with Treasury and Manor Homes with Cork CC who are developing ALL of Horgan’s Qy for CIE (ala Spencer Dock). There’s talk of gargantuan numbers of apartments plus “landmark” going in (some estimates mean that the single addition of this development will TRIPLE the number of apartments in the city centre!!!). I think they’re being careful about all this so as to pitch future development in the right light (i.e. right densities etc). So there will prob be little news on this till late winter – and the plans for the train station will tie in with this.

In all fairness to the bus station – a true victim of CIE ineptitude – a prime city centre location and yet management couldn’t happily pick any developer partner for the site – what a farce! So so much time has slipped that the canopies are being thrown up as a measure for 2005 “cleanliness”.

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