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Ugggggleee! It’s a little unfair to just sweep all new developments going on in the city as crap or ugly – O’Callaghans Dev on Lavitts Qy looks pretty cool. Although I must say the Anglesea St one and Eircom/Lapps Qy are crimes against built environment. The city core has had ONE new development in the time of the great property boom that gave the rest of urban Ireland a face lift (the Siemens building near the train station). So Cork is only getting started in the rebulding of the nasty derelict sites. Obviously the first built offices in these areas will come under much more scrutiny cos they’re the most prominent in a pock marked area. All this is a part of a much greater plan over many years. Take a look at the IFSC – there are loads of shite developments there, alone they’d stand out… but in the mass of the surroundings they get away with it. I think the ugly Lapps Qy redev wont seem so bad once the three adjoining dev’s of same height start to rise up, the foundations of those have only just begun.
As for the Anglesea St block – all that area has been ear marked (from there to Albert Rd) as the Civic Gateway for the new docklands so I’d say you’ll probably be seeing more of the same in that general area (goodbye Market Tavern???). There’s talk for a high rise hotel on the An Post site behind the Garda Station so that would make the others newbie’s look timid!

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