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Originally posted by Devin

I presume you’re talking about the loony ’60s curtain wall bit to the west of the main facade with its blue & cyan panels – I think it’s good & should be kept. Dublin was full of these facades not too long ago, but soon there’ll be very few left, so many have been or will be refaced/replaced; Guardian Insurance on Stephen’s Green (refaced in granite with a big copper roof), O’Connell Bridge House (made worse), Pelican House (demolished) – and now the Bank of Ireland on Suffolk St (has current planning app for glass facade by Donnelly Turpin), the Department of Justice (recently sold) and Hawkins House (revamp or demolition awaiting).

I must agree with you on this one Devin. I must say though, I am not familiar with what was done with O’Connell Bridge House, can you tell me more about it. I like the one with the Carrolls Gift Shop on Suffolk Street. The Science Block in UCD has gradually been altered over the last few years to being predominantly dark blue in colour compared to its old green colour. I must say that I think makes the building look much better. I am looking forward to seeing the finished Dublin Bus building on O’Connell Street when the side pieces are replaced. The new shop front works well.

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