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The window settings are fantastic, esp the current one. The lighting is equally impressive.

Overall, I’m still not a fan of the scale of the building in relation to the street – ok a building that size is always going to have an impact, but if you compare it to the original building you can really appreciate how the new design has swelled it into an overbearing structure. I still think there’s too much faceless concrete as well.
Saying that, the corner glazing is lovely, esp contrasted with the equally dashing black granite which is one of the best features of the building. Secret fire escapes have been impressively hidden in the stone too.
I was walking along Henry St recently with someone and the collapse of Charles De Gaulle Airport came up for some reason – but we were just saying how much we take for granted the stability of buildings, putting complete trust in engineers and regualtions – just as we were walking beneath Roches cantilevered restaurant! Suffice to say we inched our way to the other side of the street pretty smartish 🙂

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