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That is a really interesting point you make about Zara’s window and it is something that architects should never lose sight of when designing retail.

It is something that has really improved in recent years, one scheme that I noticed recently is the new Jurys in Parnell St and the marketing of the retail at ground floor is really interesting in so much as you are only aware that the building is to let and not open retail within about 20 metres of it.

All in all it is hard to disagree that Roches MUST form the basic standard architecturally for all developments between Parnell St and the Quays from now on.

I agree with Rory that the rere stock being carried by Roches is a worrying development and wouldn’t compare favourably to your average retail warehouse. But Zara

I hope they open a second outlet somewhere within the City Centre they are the anchor that everyone would want.

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