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Paul Clerkin

Originally posted by d_d_dallas
On the Zara front – the initial plan was to locate in the Grafton St area… but property prices in Dublin had caused them to reach for the smelling salts. So (cheaper) Henry St was chosen – but I think Roches has since fallen out with them (premature announcements were made before deals were closed etc etc).

I point my learned friend towards the media & advertising column of last weekend’s Sunday Times

Zara to star in Roches opening

Roches Stores, the department store chain, plans to open the doors on its newly expanded flagship store in Dublin’s Henry Street on November 4. Costing about €50m, the redevelopment will expand its retailing capacity from 70,000 ft sq over three floors to 130,000 ft sq on five floors. As part of the redevelopment, Zara, the Spanish fashion retailer, will open a 20,000-ft-sq shop with frontage on to Henry Street. This will be Zara’s first outlet in the republic. Roches recently relocated its head office to Sandyford to make way for the extra shopping space and the store will include a number of new restaurants, cafes and ATM cash machines. Roches, which is family-owned, operates 11 stores around the country.,,2095-824215,00.html

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