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I agree that Henry St is actually not a bad street, especially when it is quietish, and the upper levels of buildings are lovely.

However there are five problems:

1. Ilac Centre : soon to be fixed

2. Liffey St: for such a small street, it could be and should be a gem. I would add trees to it to compensate for the lack of colour on Henry St.

3. Mary St: Investment is slowly creeping down the street. Hopefully when the draft masterplan for the fruit markets kicks in it will really begin to get a facelift as the main link st.

4. Moore St: Dependant on Carlton Ilac etc…

4. Talbot St: I hate that street so much. Every second building is either in ruins, or virtually a prefab. I would issue an architectural competition to select sixty different architects; they get a building on Talbot St each to reface, 15 million per building, and are told to impress the world!

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