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any dealings i have where i have the bad fortune of having to read anything from an taisce, i have found them to be ignorant, small minded, arse bandits who have nothing better to do with there time but object to anything approaching modern architecture just to keep this country in the dark ages. i am probably going to be reported for this but i think they should all be be taken out and hung.( i would have said shot but bullets cost money and can’t justify the cost and besides the rope can be reused to hang more of them). i ahve never come across a rational objection from them yet. one specific one was a development i was doing and this ar***ole objected to an bord pleanala saying my development was like cutting the arms,legs,head and mulitating the torso off a roman statue of a beautiful woman!!!!!!!!!! and he bloody won!!!! it astounds me how this sort of nonsense in the 21st century can be even looked at without them being put in a mental asylum let alone been taken into account. ahhhhh! enouhg of my ranting…it sound sgood this building…ant pic’s…

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