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It really really should go, whatever about making wisecracks over its appearance, at the end of the day this problem is merely cosmetic.
The building’s problem lies in its height, which is grossly intrusive on the quay’s skyline and the view from O’ Connell Bridge.
If the Dept of Health were planning to build a building of the same height on the site if Hawkins never existed, there is no way on the face of the planet that it would recieve planning permission.
The OPW has a responsibility not only for the appearance of State buildings and how they are used, but also for their impact on their environments, in this case Dublin city centre.

It is as responsible as any state founded or public body, whether it be the CC, An Bord Pleanala or anyone else.
For the sake of 3/4 floors, it should do the right thing for the people it claims to serve, ie, knock it, or the very least crop it by 4 floors.

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