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I think what Alek is talking about is major public-use projects – shopping centres etc.

These need to be designed so that bus use to them is a convienient and attractive proposition – a la Blanchardstown Centre, where a mini bus station is directly outside the main entrance, so it is as convienient, or more convienient to get from bus to shops as from car to shops.

A bad example is Liffey Valley, where the buses are tucked away out of sight after a long windy walk through the car-park.

Worst example is Pavillion Swords – a bus stop for outward buses is provided as an afterthought, and the layout is such that there is nowhere for inward buses to stop – i.e. once you’ve been to the centre you have to either walk with your shopping all the way to the main street, or along the road and across the dual-carriageway in order to get the return bus!!!!

Permission for any shopping centre should only be granted now if there is enough space given over to public transport at a convienient and central part of the development.

The Square Tallaght is not bad in this respect, though the bus area is a bit windswept – it could do with being moved down to the area between the LUAS station and the centre, thus giving it a sheletered area, plus integrated, plus convienient . . .


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