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Rory W

Brian – you’re not getting away from the fact that these lines run onto the Belfast and Sligo lines so if there is any bottleneck it wont be avoided by building a new station at Spencer Dock. The answer to Dublin’s woes is to upgrade the signalling so that more trains can run safely on these lines.

As for your point about the “Connolly sheds being needed for storage” – my simple answer is why? There are sidings and a depot the other side of the sheds so if a train is out of service why not put it there?

I agree with platform 11 on these things about having an interconnector between Connoly and Heuston utilising the Phoenix park tunnel and under utilised platform 1 at Connolly. Spencer Dock in a lot of peoples minds is as far away from the centre of town as Heuston so why now replicate the facities there.

As for Frank McD, I agree with him on a lot of things, disagree on others and Christ never lived in Temple Bar

So I guess it still isn’t the answer

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