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ah yes. i also look at how the city is and i have to say it is a nice looking city. i love the view from ameins street for example. ok i know some parts of it are run down but it’s the same in some other countries and i guess it can’t be helped. i love how the city skyline looks from most parts but i also understand that cities do need to change. however the city is changing with lots of plans and so on. i understand this from what i hear and see. i hope that in a few years the docklands will be developed and that it will be something different for all of us. i can’t remember the last time i was in the dockland area. it does seem so empty and that is why i think this is the perfect area to build a new part to the city. it could be a high-rise area yes with the current areas in the lower part left low. that way we could have our old dublin and our new dublin. just a thought.

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