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I do all of it myself, but i agree with you, it is time consuming and hard. Especially when you take scanning the actual pictures to the next appropriate level – individual correction!!! Check out my tutoria here:;f=10;t=000028;p=1#000004

Apologises btw, for not having airbrused the old campaign posters out of the views of Dublin, but i must do that soon. LOL. Funny the kinds of things you can leave behind in a photo having been so focussed upon the colour/contrast etc, etc.

If you are really desparate just email me, and i can scan your roll into my film scanner any time. Shouldn’t take my long, i can scan 6 frames as 4000 pixel resolution at a time, and burn the lot onto a CDROM in uncompressed TIF format. That is if you trusts me with your original negs! I am based here in Dublin, so i would be delighted to help out.

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