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The main problem with the M50 is the ridiculous roundabouts at every major junction. Whoever heard of traffic lights on roundabouts? I’ve never seen traffic lights on roundabouts in any other country.

Anyway these roundabouts are a cheap solution to proper interchanges – every major junction on the M50 should of the clover leaf design, eliminating the need for traffic lights. Traffic would be able to move freely without having to stop at lights. I constantly think how much easier my life would be if it wasn’t for the penny pinching and stupid design of these ‘interchanges’.

Because of these stupid designs it takes forever to get into town from Lucan and Blanchardstown etc.

I hope the planners have learned from previous mistakes and construct proper interchanges on the remainder of the M50, but will not hold my breath. This is Ireland after all, and dare I say it, a banana republic in many respects.

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