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saw that on the paper. i dont think they’re phsycally bringing the road to opposite edges of the site, rather they are completing it as far as possible for practical use. i imagine they’re hoping the wall-hugging hippies will be too stoned some sunday and go to mass in some old cairn, then they can sneak in and complete it.

i really dont understand why this castle could be said to be so important. if they got time team in they could figure out the whole lot in 3 days and go home happy. its just an old bloody proddy outpost on the edge of the pale and i say screw it, progression not regression. i imagine the same fools who are all for skyscrapers (naz) and innercity deelopment are completelely opposed to this sort of ruinous activity, and vice versa. i dont think this bunch of little walls is any more important than the wrecked foundation of a georgian house in dublin, and when it comes to it they have to be built upon.

anyway, it’ll give supersleuth archaeologists something to stroke their beards about in 100 years when we take up the road because we all use jetpacks run on earwax and soup scum (they’re very similar in bolton street skank-teen) and we’ve all chucked our cars into the sun

peace naz

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